Weldon Wade is an avid ocean advocate, diver, and community activist. As a dedicated member of the Bermuda diving community with over a decade of experience exploring the thriving and abundant Bermudian waters, Weldon is on a mission to bring awareness to the importance of protecting our oceans on a global scale. 

Weldon is the first and only Bermudian certified freediver, SCUBA diver, and closed-circuit rebreather diver. He is also the founder of Guardians of the Reef, an ocean conservation organization, and leader of several ocean-focused projects.

Community engagement is key to Weldon. Each event he hosts is centered around education, collaboration, and providing divers with the opportunity to use their skills to help the environment and protect the oceans they explore. 

These events also open up countless opportunities to collaborate with businesses and other organizations to present educational information to schools and various kids’ camps.