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Hello there! My name is Weldon Wade and I have been extremely active in the Bermuda diving community for over ten years, am unapologetically dedicated to its growth and I continue a unique and exciting journey. I am the first and only Bermudian certified freediver, SCUBA diver and closed-circult rebreather diver, the founder of an ocean conservation organization called Guardians of the Reef  and leader of a few ocean focused projects.

My Story

I’m Weldon Wade, an avid ocean advocate, diver, and community activist. 

As a dedicated member of the Bermuda diving community with over a decade of experience exploring the thriving and abundant Bermudian waters, I am on a mission to bring awareness to the importance of protecting our oceans on a global scale. 

I am the first and only Bermudian certified freediver, SCUBA diver, and closed-circuit rebreather diver. I am also the founder of Guardians of the Reef, an ocean conservation organization, and leader of several ocean-focused projects. 

““I believe one of the cornerstones to protecting the ocean is human connection and awareness.”


I believe that connection is one of the cornerstones of change, and in order to make a difference in this world, we all must work together. 

Are you ready? Contact me today to discuss how we can work to inspire change and protect our oceans.


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